Moving Pictures 2015

00:00:15 Ant-man
“You don’t know anything about what’s coming.”—Fantastic Four
00:02:03 Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2
00:02:16 Divergent: Insurgent
00:03:11 Tomorrowland
“What is coming?” —Fantastic Four
00:04:21 Spectre
00:05:12 Jurassic World
“Their Extinction.”— Avengers: Age of Ultron
00:06:05 Avengers: Age of Ultron
00:07:03 Chappie
“This night we take back our world!”— Terminator Genisys
00:07:18 Star Wars: The Force Awakens
00:08:13 Terminator Genisys
00:10:10 Southpaw
00:10:20 Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
00:11:05 The Man From U.N.C.L.E
00:11:16 Furious 7
00:12:02 Hitman: Agent 47
00:12:10 Tomorrowland
00:12:23 Furious 7
00:14:03 Terminator Genisys
00:14:11 Mad Max: Fury Road
00:14:20 Kingsman: The Secret Service
00:15:10 The Transporter
00:15:17 The Last Witch Hunter
00:16:08 Run All Night
00:16:18 Kingsman: The Secret Service
00:17:14 American Ultra
00:18:00 Spectre
00:18:05 The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trail
00:18:17 Creed
00:19:03 Kingsman: The Secret Service
00:19:17 Blackhat
00:20:03 Fantastic Four
00:21:17 13 Hours
00:22:15 The Gunman
00:22:23 Hitman: Agent 47
00:23:10 Star Wars: The Force Awakens
00:23:20 Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
00:24:10 Ant-man
00:25:08 Terminator Genisys
00:26:07 Taken 3
00:26:16 Furious 7
00:28:15 Jurassic World
00:30:13 Avengers: Age of Ultron
00:31:07 Spectre
00:32:13 Star Wars: The Force Awakens
00:33:14 Avengers: Age of Ultron
00:34:18 Hunger Games: The Mockingjay Part 2
00:35:14 The Man From U.N.C.L.E
00:37:03 Hitman: Agent 47
00:38:16 Ant-man
00:43:13 Inside Out
“What was that? I thought you said we’re gonna act casual.”— Inside Out
00:46:07 American Ultra
00:47:20 Entourage
“I’m okay to continue.”— Entourage

00:50:03 Addicted to Fresno
00:50:22 Ashby
00:51:23 Barely Lethal
00:52:16 Dope
00:53:06 Diala Prayer
00:53:18 Mississippi Grind
00:54:09 The Forger
00:55:01 Mistress America
“Must we documentary ourselves all the time?”— Mistress America
00:56:01 Age of Adaline
00:56:22 The Sisterhood of Night
00:57:13 Ted 2
“I’m gonna take a picture and post it on Facebook.”—Ted 2
00:59:05 Drunk Wedding
00:59:20 Jem and The Holograms
“I don’t like to be on camera.”— Jem and The Holograms
01:00:03 The Duff
“WOOOOOOO”— The Duff
01:01:20 5 Flights Up
“Don’t even bother.”— 5 Flights Up
01:02:23 We Are Your Friends
“I mean it’s great to dance to but I don’t know that I would listen to it everyday at home.”—Eden
01:05:06 Magic Mike XXL
01:05:23 Chocolate City
01:06:10 Straight Outta Compton
01:06:23 Ex Machina
01:08:05 The Desert Dancer
“Ahhhh I’m sorry I don’t understand a word you said.”— Get Hard
01:08:20 Pixels
01:09:10 Get Hard
01:10:09 Cooties
“I’m gay!”—Cooties
01:10:22 The Night Before
“Is it cocaine?”— The Night Before
01:11:18 Spy
“Let me down Cooper. I will not. I will let you up.”—Spy
01:13:07 The Intern
“You’re not old as I thought. Ohhh!”— The Intern
01:15:19 Some Kind of Beautiful
01:16:09 She’s Funny That Way
01:17:07 Pitch Perfect 2
“Would you like to have sex later?”— Pitch Perfect 2
01:18:15 Hot Tub Time Machine 2
“I had sex with Marilyn Monroe !”— Hot Tub Time Machine 2
01:19:06 Avengers: Age of Ultron
01:19:21 Kingsman: The Secret Service
01:20:13 Unexpected
“Oh my God you’re pregnant.”— Unexpected
01:21:16 Strangeland
“There’s no cheating when you’re 18. You all should be touching each other all the time.”— Mistress America
01:22:07 Mistress America
01:22:22 Papertowns
01:24:08 Ashby
01:25:03 Home Sweet Hell
01:26:03 Irrational Man
01:26:22 Fifty Shades of Grey
“And I like boobs. Figured it’s a win-win.”— Focus
01:27:08 Focus
01:29:02 Hot Pursuit
“Oh cut it out.”— Hot Pursuit
01:29:20 Kingsman: The Secret Service
“You’re completely crazy.”— Kingsman: The Secret Service
01:30:18 Entourage
01:31:04 The Martian
01:32:00 Rock The Kasbah
01:33:16 Road Within
“You okay?”— Road Within
01:35:12 Son of A Gun
“Who the hell are you?”— Get Hard
01:37:00 Concussion
“Tell the truth!”— Concussion
01:38:10 Stone Wall
“Also known as YOU WORST NIGHTMARE!”— Pixels
01:39:10 Pixels
01:41:13 Minions
“The End.”— Minions
01:44:03 Ted 2
“Oh my God you’re Sam L Jackson! Who is that? You’ve never seen any movie ever? He is a black guy.”— Ted 2
01:47:02 The Hateful Eight
01:47:16 Barely Lethal
01:48:04 Avengers: Age of Ultron
01:48:16 CHI-RAQ
01:49:09 Kingsman: The Secret Service
“Look like I give a fuck?”— Kingsman: The Secret Service
01:50:08 The Big Game
“This is not a good idea!”— The Big Game
01:52:22 Black Mass
“Jimmy, he’s six. You really think that’s the best thing to be telling your kid? Yeah.”— Black Mass

01:59:20 Knock Knock
02:01:08 The Nightmare
02:03:02 Poltergeist
02:04:17 Victor Frankenstein
02:05:18 Dark Was The Night
02:07:01 Maggie
“Ghosts are real. That much I know.”— Crimson Peak
02:08:11 Burying The Ex
02:09:18 Crimson Peak
02:10:18 Felt
02:11:10 Macbeth
“There’s been an awakening. Have you felt it? ”— Star Wars: The Force Awakens
02:12:19 The Revenant
02:14:13 Ex Machina
02:15:12 Crimson Peak
02:16:12 Dark Places
02:17:01 It Follows
02:17:21 The 33
02:18:12 The Lazurus Effect
02:19:17 Poltergeist
02:21:07 Pod
02:22:08 Spectre
“It was me. The author of all your pain.”— Spectre
02:23:02 Victor Frankenstein
02:23:18 Sicario
02:25:15 Captive
“I’m willing to meet my creator and answer to every shot I took.”— American Sniper
02:27:00 American Sniper
02:28:07 Z for Zachariah
02:29:14 Beyond The Reach
02:30:07 Bridge Of Spies
“The dark side, and the light.”— Star Wars: The Force Awakens
02:31:22 Dark Places
02:32:13 The Witch
02:33:11 Face of an Angel
02:34:08 Dark Was The Night
02:34:23 Beasts of No Nation
02:35:23 Sicario
02:37:09 Scout’s Guide to The Zombie Apocalypse
02:37:21 The Revenant
02:38:19 Macbeth
02:39:14 Black Mass
“As the world fell, each of us in our own way is broken. It was hard to know who was more crazy. Me or everyone else.”— Mad Max Fury Road
02:43:22 Steve Jobs
02:44:22 71
02:46:04 Mad Max Fury Road
02:47:01 The Martian
02:47:16 Point Break
02:48:17 Everest
02:49:10 The Hateful Eight
02:50:01 Selfless
02:51:01 Pawn Sacrifice
02:52:15 Truth
“Do we have to do this?”— Crimson Peak
02:53:09 Trumbo
02:54:06 True Story
“I don’t know. But maybe God can.”— Captive
02:55:14 Blackhat
02:56:21 Macbeth
02:58:02 Bridge of Spies
“Do you have any idea how many laws you’ve broken? The only law of mine is gravity.”— Point Break
02:59:21 Cop Car
03:00:17 The Revenant
03:02:07 Furious 7
03:03:02 Blackhat
03:03:18 Sicario
03:04:19 Terminator Genisys
03:05:06 Star Wars: The Force Awakens
03:05:22 Spectre
03:07:09 Lila and Eve
03:08:03 Furious 7
03:10:11 13 Hours
03:10:22 Kingsman: The Secret Service
03:11:20 Hitman: Agent 47
03:12:04 Alien Out Post
03:13:02 Mad Max Fury Road
03:13:10 Taken 3
03:14:16 American Sniper
03:16:07 The Revenant
03:17:22 Run All Night
03:18:23 Black Sea
03:20:14 Sicario
“You saw things you shouldn’t see.”— Sicario
03:21:08 The Revenant
03:22:20 Star Wars: The Force Awakens
“Haahahahhaha”— The Hateful Eight
03:26:04 The Hateful Eight

03:31:06 Alex of Venice
“I can’t be your housewife anymore. I’ve given up a lot for us. I just need some time away.”— Alex of Venice
03:36:19 The Longest Ride
“I can’t be with someone every time he walks out the door I don’t know am I gonna see him again.”— The Longest Ride
03:38:15 Good Kill
03:39:14 American Sniper
03:42:04 Southpaw
“It’s not the same that there is not growing old together. Without that love is…It’s just heartbreak.”— Age of Adaline
03:44:11 Boulevard
03:45:22 War Room
03:46:13 Effie Gray
03:47:15 Unexpected
03:49:02 Demolition
“She’s gone.”— Demolition
03:49:18 Star Wars: The Force Awakens
03:50:18 Age of Adaline
03:51:21 Freeheld
“I love you!”— Freeheld
03:52:22 American Ultra
03:53:17 In the Heart of Sea
“Promise me to come back. I promise.”— In the Heart of Sea
03:55:17 Everest
03:56:16 Testament of The Youth
03:57:20 A Little Chaos
“Love requires sacrifice. Always.”— The Longest Ride
03:58:20 Before We go
03:59:16 By the Sea
04:00:10 Song One
04:01:04 Manglehorn
04:02:04 Star Wars: The Force Awakens
04:02:19 About Ray
“I’m done with being exception.”— About Ray
04:03:21 Papertowns
04:05:03 Irrational Man
“This is the meaningful Iife I’ve been searching for.”— Irrational Man
04:06:15 Aloha
“Your life is about to become really complicated.”—Aloha
04:08:07 Cinderella
04:09:04 Brooklyn
04:10:11 Crimson Peak
“When somebody love you. It means they see something in you. ”— A Brilliant Young Mind
04:12:01 A Brilliant Young Mind
04:12:21 The Danish Girl
04:15:00 Steve Jobs
“I set a garage and invented the future.”— Steve Jobs
04:15:21 Concussion
04:16:16 Ex Machina
04:18:06 Everest
04:19:22 The Walk
04:21:13 In the Heart of Sea
04:23:04 Joy
“What you make isn’t supposed to be the best part of you.”— Steve Jobs
04:24:02 Steve Jobs
04:26:00 The Martian
“When you’re a father, that’s what supposed to be the best part of you.”— Steve Jobs
04:27:23 Steve Jobs
04:29:09 San Andreas
04:30:19 71
04:32:00 American Sniper
04:33:06 Ant-Man
04:33:20 Little Boy
“No matter what happens.”— Captive
04:35:08 Southpaw
“I love you.” Southpaw
04:36:15 Captive
“I love you little man.”— Captive
04:37:15 Infinitely Polar Bear
“You’re the only person who makes sense to me. Make me possible.”— Danish Girl
04:38:13 People Places Things
04:39:19 Inside Out
04:40:06 Joy
04:40:22 Batkid Begins
04:43:00 Time Out of Mind
04:43:21 Room
“Tell me something I can hold on to forever and never let go. Let go.”— Age of Adaline
04:45:04 Carol
04:47:11 Age of Adaline
04:49:11 Pan

04:53:11 All the Wilderness
04:54:15 Ardor
04:55:09 Age of Adaline
04:56:01 Spotlight
04:57:07 Everest
“I guarantee you that at some point, everything is gonna go south on you.”— The Martian
04:58:17 The Revenant
04:59:15 Concussion
05:01:07 The Martian
05:02:06 The Walk
“You’re gonna say this is it. This is how I end.”— The Martian
05:03:03 Demolition
05:03:22 Suffragette
05:04:23 Captive
05:05:19 Steve Jobs
05:06:18 Brooklyn
05:07:16 Carol
“Now you can either accept that or you can get to work.”— The Martian
05:08:15 In the Heart of Sea
05:09:10 Spotlight
05:10:12 Joy
05:11:06 Creed
05:12:00 Chappie
05:13:22 Avengers: Age of Ultron
05:14:13 Tomorrowland
“The future isn’t just something it happens.”— Aloha
05:15:08 Youth
05:17:06 The Good Dinosaur
“It’s a It’s a brutal force with a great sense of humor that will steamroll you if you’re not watching.”— Aloha
05:19:11 Age of Adaline
05:21:00 Beyond the Mask
05:21:10 Gabriel
05:21:20 Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife
05:22:06 The Gambler
05:22:21 Cutbank
05:23:07 Kill Me Three Times
05:23:17 Girlhood
05:24:03 Color of Time
05:24:16 Results
05:25:02 Madame Bovary
05:25:12 Lost River
05:25:22 Night Before
05:26:13 Lady in the Van
05:26:22 The Voices
05:27:08 The Final Girls
05:27:18 Burnt
05:28:06 Strange Magic
05:28:16 Knight of Cups
“Is there a plan? The plan will reveal itself to you when you’re ready to see it.”—Steve Jobs
05:29:02 No Escape
05:29:12 Miss You Already
05:30:02 Preggoland
05:30:10 We’ll Never Have Paris
05:30:20 Love and Mercy
05:31:06 Unfinished Business
05:31:20 Hunting Elephants
05:32:14 Everest
05:33:08 Inside Out
05:33:22 The Big Short
05:34:15 Steve Jobs
05:35:07 Ashby
05:36:08 Joy
05:37:04 Spectre
“Is this what you want?”— Spectre
05:38:11 Tomorrowland
05:39:20 Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
05:41:09 The Walk
“For me, this is life.”— The Walk
05:42:12 Mad Max Fury Road
05:42:21 Results
05:43:07 True Story
05:43:21 Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
05:44:07 Avengers: Age of Ultron
05:44:16 Jurassic Park
05:45:04 Mad Max Fury Road
05:45:13 Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
05:45:23 Kingsman: The Secret Service
05:46:09 Furious 7
05:47:01 Fantastic Four
05:47:15 The Martian
05:48:13 Tomorrowland
05:49:01 Star Wars: The Force Awakens
05:49:14 Magic Mike XXL
05:49:22 Straight Outta Compton
05:50:06 Backstreet Boys
05:50:15 Pitch Perfect 2
05:51:05 Barely Lethal
05:51:16 Entourage
05:52:04 The Duff
05:52:20 Vacation
05:53:12 Trumbo
05:54:01 Freeheld
05:54:18 The Big Short
05:55:04 The Man From U.N.C.L.E
05:55:17 The Good Dinosaur
05:56:14 Point Break
05:57:01 Woodlawn
05:57:13 About Ray
05:58:01 Tracers
05:58:14 Transporter
05:59:08 Terminator Genysis
06:00:00 Avengers: Age of Ultron
06:01:13 Mad Max Fury Road
06:02:03 Furious 7
06:02:23 Bridge of Spies
06:03:21 Steve Jobs
06:04:14 Brooklyn
06:05:13 Star Wars: The Force Awakens
06:06:05 Batkid Begins
06:07:01 In the Heart of Sea
06:09:19 Joy
06:11:00 Steve Jobs
“You’re the only who sees the world the same way I do. No one sees the world the same way you do.”— Steve Jobs
—————————————-THE END———————————————-
Edited by Clark Zhu ©2015